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We want to help you get the care you need!

For patients that are out-of-network or who do not have insurance, we will accept payment at the time of the appointment; we accept cash, credit card, and check. Payment must be collected at time of service. Please check with your insurance provider for any out-of-network benefits that may be part of your insurance plan.  For out-of-network patients with PPO plans, we will offer superbills you can submit to your insurance via Reimbursify  This is an app that can allow claims to be submitted with little more than a photograph of the superbill in under a minute. 

What if you need surgery and the surgeon is out of network?

The good news is that most hospitals and surgery centers in our area do, in fact, contract with almost every insurance plan.  Thus, you would only be out of network with the surgeon in most instances, and the surgeon fee is often a fraction of the surgery cost.

Some helpful resources to clarify out of network costs:

Getting prescriptions at a cheaper cost:

  • GoodRx is a very useful option.  There is an app or a website.  It lists the cheapest place to get most medicines and offers coupons for lowering medication prices, sometimes even cheaper than if your insurance were to pay.

  • March 2019 article from "10 startups tackling the problem of high prescription drug costs"  

  • Check individual drug manufacturer websites for coupons that can be used at pharmacies.

Out Of Network: Our Services
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