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We strive to accept as many health insurance plans as possible.  We have attempted to negotiate with every insurer in the region. Unfortunately, many commercial insurances will not provide a fair payment to smaller medical practices.   In many cases, they will not pay our practice enough for us to cover the expenses we pay to treat you!  We have been left with no choice but to go out of network with those insurance companies that refuse to provide fair reimbursement rates.  

In addition, many companies will not update their online provider directories, making it confusing and frustrating for patients to access care.

As there are many different nuances with insurance, please check with your specific plan to be sure we are contracted before your visit. 

  • Anthem Blue Cross

  • CenCal.  Please note that if CenCal insurance is a secondary, most PPO primary insurance can be accepted.

  • Cottage Employee Health Insurance Plans (currently Blue Shield.  We are not in network with Blue Shield otherwise)

  • Imperial IPA

  • Medicare (not Medicare Advantage Plans)

  • Santa Barbara IPA

  • Tricare


In network: Our Services
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